I think one thing that often gets lost in these conversations is that some of us have to actually live the future that you all are setting on fire for us. By 2028, crop yields are already projected to be begin to fail with famine beginning to hit the world’s most vulnerable populations. By 2038, current U.S. drought, fire, and extreme heat trends could potentially make whole regions of the United States unlivable, if we continue the trends that lobbyists are trying to have us pursue, and we have a tipping point by 2036. We do not have the privilege or the luxury of lobbyists’ spin, and it is incredibly important that we don’t reach net zero in some imaginary future, but that we actually cut through to carbon emissions reductions here in the United States and globally.

Source: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), via C-SPAN (H/T The Recount)