After pushing forwards its “climate change” propaganda full force, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is being accused of fraud., which refers to itself as “The Deplorable Climate Science Blog,” maintains that Texas has been cooling since 1895, but this observation reportedly “doesn’t suit NOAA’s global warming agenda.”

Using animation, the blog illustrates the fact that the NOAA keeps manipulating and cooling down the past temperatures of the Lone Star State further and further to create the appearance of a warming trend.

OneNewsNow sought comment from Dr. Pat Michaels of the Cato Institute’s Center for the Study of Science on the matter.

“There are a bunch of adjustments that are done to the raw data, and one of them is called a time of day adjustment,” says Michaels, who is the former president of the American Association of State Climatologists. “It turns out – when you measure the temperature – if you’re just taking the high and the low for the day, [it] has some influence on the record, [and] that’s probably what most of the adjustment is.”

Meanwhile, Michaels asserts that he cannot recall having seen a larger series of adjustments on statewide temperature record as he has seen in Texas.

“Those are really big adjustments, and I think people are kind of skeptical about that,” the climatology expert shared.

Michaels also explains that NOAA’s temperature data is almost always altered.

“What you see when you see a graph of the temperature since 1895 – and they began their temperature records around 1895 – what you see is substantially different than the raw data … particularly in the early years,” Michaels asserts. “That’s the good news, but the weird news is that almost always, it seems that each successive alteration of a temperature record results in it either being cooler in the early years … or warmer in the later years.”

Michaels says that this simply means that there is more of a warming trend put into the data virtually every time the data is modified.

“The fact of the matter is, people have been somewhat suspicious of these adjustments, particularly last summer, when NOAA put out a new global temperature record that attempted to get rid of the so-called pause — meaning the fact that we really can’t see any statistically significant warming in surface records from 1997 through about 2014 or so,” Michaels contends. “They made some claims when they did that that really weren’t normative science.”

NOAA did not respond to OneNewsNow’s request for comment on the matter.

Source: Chris Woodward, One News Now