Denver (AP) — The Midwest is buried under unusually heavy snows. California goes through two winters of extreme drought, then is inundated by rain. The South shivers with unaccustomed cold.


What’s happening to our climate? Do such increasingly frequent extremes portent a new pattern? Are we headed for another ice age? Or trouble from a gradual heating of the Earth by mankind’s industrial and agricultural activities?

One thing is indisputable: The world has been cooling off since World War II, something like one degree Fahrenheit. […]


Dr. J. Murray Mitchell, of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, says the world has been cooling off in the long run.

“On an average it’s cooled down by something like one degree Fahrenheit of half-a-degree Celsius, and that cooling began around World War II. […]


Source: Norman Goldstein, Associated Press (Lawrence Journal-World)