Washington, D.C. — Scientists who worry about what would happen if the ice caps at the north and south poles melted and flooded the borders of the continents have found new a prospective villain: Peat bogs.


If all the ice melted, the sea level would rise about 200 feet. That would flood all the seaports of the world.


The carbon dioxide level has increased about 11 per cent since 1970, and it seems to be still going up. So is the temperature.

I.G.Y. observers found that the temperature of Antarctica averages five degrees higher now than it did in 1911 when the first readings were made.

That should mean that more polar ice is melting, and the figures bear it out.

The Atlantic ocean rose at the rate of about 1¼ inches a year up to 25 years ago. Since then it has been rising about four times as fast.

Deevey blames it on the peat bogs. When peat rots, it releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, just as though it were burning.


Source: Jack Williams, Des Moines Sunday Register