Drought and heat. Semi-starvation and ruin. Stock to be sacrificed

VANCOUVER, Thursday. — Wheat pricea skyrocketed above a dollar at Chicago and other American markets within an hour after trading stared this morning.

The mercury boiled at 100 to 106 degrees across North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and other central states, where the blazing sun mocked the water-hungry farms. One million cattle have been condemned to premature slaughter following a conference of governors and agricultural experts at St. Paul. In 15 states emaciated and otherwise sub-normal cattle will be purchased at from 1 to 20 dollars per head for slaughter, with expectation of reducing the cattle population by 25 percent. Simultaneously with the announcement of this Federally-assisted programme Governor Horner, of Illinois, declared a “state of emergency,” appointed a drought relief bureau, and demanded emergency rates on the railways for the importation of fodder for valuable live stock.

The whole country is thoroughly aroused to the seriousness of the situa tion. The awful conditions of semi starvation, and ruin extend into Canada, especially South Saskatchewan. Thousands of fields have been blown out and deadened. A wide belt along the international boundary has been left like a veritable wilderness. Even Russian thistle, ordinarily the bane of farmers, appears to have given up the struggle against the drought and bugs. Grasshoppers which have invaded Manitoba have left the south-western section of the province quite bare, and feed for stock is impossible to procure.

WINNIPEG, Thursday. — A continuation of the drought in western Canada sent wheat upward six cents a bushel today, the closing quotations being about 5 cents higher.

CHICAGO, Thursday. — The unparalleled crop losses reported as a result of the drought and heat shot prices up five cents. This extreme advance permitted early trading today of enormous volume.

All hopes for a small grain crop in many parts of the west and north west of the United States have been abandoned, trade adtiecs said, and reports were received from Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Texas that 1,000,000 cattle will be slaughtered to relieve farmers where feed shortage prevails.


120 degrees

Fierce heat wave in India

Calcutta, Friday. — India is experiencing an unprecedented heat wave, particularly in Madras Presidency, where it reached 120 degrees. There were many deaths from heat stroke.

The roads are strewn with the bodies of animals and birds killed by the fierce heat.


Source: The Warwick Daily News