Washington, May 2 — (AP) — Just raise the average temperature of the earth two or three degrees and you can bid goodbye to all the big cities on earth. Glaciers will melt and oceans will rise and —

But let the weather man get in on this. It took a weather man to think up the idea and a whole audience of weather men to listen to it with composure and without adopting a resolution or staging a demonstration. Dr. William J. Humphreys of the United States Weather Bureau took a lot of evidence to make up the painstaking case, presented today to the American Meteorological Society, that the earth’s glaciers if melted would raise the ocean level 150 feet, and that the aforementioned slight increase in warmth would do the melting.

One could still be dry above the 155th floor in cities with skyscrapers, but all about would be the bounding waves. New York, London, Paris, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Washington, Shanghai — all gone.

By way of cheer, Dr. Humphreys pictured the world as delicately balanced between this catastrophe and the equally cheerless prospect of another glacial period. It would take but a drop of five or six degrees in the earth to bring back the ice age, with Canada and the United States as far south as Kentucky and Iowa one wast skating rink.

But skating enthusiasts needn’t cheer. Dr. Humphreys said the earth is gradually growing warmer and the next ice age, although forecast, is some millions of years off. So, probably is the glacier melting period.

Source: Associated Press (Jefferson City Post-Tribune)