Louisiana fights flood

New havoc feared

MONTREAL, Tuesday. — A message from New Orleans states that Louisiana is fighting a losing battle against the crest of the Mississippi flood, where the homes of 200,000 persons are in the path of the waters, which have broken through the levees in the northern part of the State. Other levees are crumbling, both along the Mississippi River and the large tributaries. It is feared that new havoc will follow when the crest advances a short distance.

The Red Cross have made preparations to care for a further 100,000 refugees in the camps. Boats have gathered at central points, ready with crews to hasten to the districts where aid is needed. There are many marooned victims, although the evacuation was accomplished more speedily than farther north.

A Vancouver message states that King George has tabled to President Coolidge, expressing sympathy for the flood sufferers.

Source: Richmond River Express