• Change of climate. Many glaciers vanished.

Is the North Pole going to melt entirely? Are the Arctic regions warming up, with prospect of a great climatic change in that part of the world?

Science is asking these questions (says Popular Science Sittings). Reports from fishermen, seal hunters, and explorers who sail the seas around Spitzbergen and the eastern Arctic all point to a radical change in climatic conditions, with hitherto unheard-of high temperatures on that part of the earth’s surface.

The United States Consul at Bergen, Norway, Mr. Ifft, also reports the recent extraordinary warmth in the Arctic. He quotes incidentally the statements of Caption Martin Ingebrigststen, a mariner who has sailed those seas for fifty-four years.

The captain says that he first noted an unusual warmth in 1918, and since then temperatures have risen steadily higher. Today the eastern Arctic is “hardly recognizable as the same region of 1863 to 1917.”

Many of the old landmarks are greatly altered, or no longer exist. Where formerly there were great masses of ice, these have melted away leaving behind them accumulations of earth and stones such as geologists call “moraines.” At many points where glaciers extended far into the sea half a dozen years ago they have now entirely disappeared.

Source: The Maitland Daily Mercury