London, September 12

The tidal wave which submerged Galveston, the principal seaport of Texas, carried the steam launches and schooners in the harbor tea miles inland, while in its backward rush the bodies in the cemeteries, which had been disinterred by the fury of the waters, were swept out to sea. The tempest is reported to have approached Galveston from opposite directions, and the waters of the Bay and the Gulf of Mexioo meeting, swept towards the shore, covering the highest parts of Galveston to a depth of 5ft. Many of the residents of the town who escaped from the flood died from hunger and thirst, and, as an epidemic was threatened, the bodies were conveyed out to sea and buried. The criminals in the town have been busily engaged in looting. The tidal wave is reported to have damaged the cotton crop to the extent of 250,000 bales, and this, it is believed, will have the effect of intensifying the prospect of a crisis in Lancashire.

September 13

Later news states that 5,000 people were killed through the disaster, and that 5,000 are homeless. In order to lessen tbe danger of an epidamic of disease occurring, the authorities have burnt a large number of ruins, and in that way cremated the dead and festering bodies which were inside them. Inhuman marauders have stripped women who have survived, as well as corpses, of their clothes, and have cut the fingers from bodies in order to obtain the rings on them. Twenty-five of these villains were shot, one sentry alone killing five. One hundred drunken negroes have been arrested, and 43, who were found to be in possession of valuables they had looted, were court-martialled and shot. One of these dastardly ghouls had in his pockets twenty three fingers, having rings on them. Scores of the survivors became frenzied through thirst, and died from starvation and exposure. Others, who are living, have lost their reason. The relief measures are reported to be active and efficient.

Source: Border Watch (Mount Gambier)