An overwhelming calamity at Sabine Pass

Fully ninety people drowned

The town buried under the waves of the Gulf

Immediate relief wanted

Further losses of life at Buffalo and on Lake Michigan

Members of the relief committee, who have returned to Baumont from Sabine Pass, Texas, report the almost total obliteration of the latter town by the wall of water which swept over it fro the Gulf on Tuesday and Wednesday. Of the six hundred people who comprised the population of the place 101 are missing, and it is a certainty that at least 90 were drowned. The utmost destitution prevails and immediate assistance is demanded for the wretched and starving survivors. The next most serious effects of the October hurricane were felt on the great lakes. The water-front of Buffalo was submerged and seven lives were lost. The list of fatalities is further swelled by the disaster to the steamer Selah Chamberlain on Lake Michigan, by which five of the crew were drowned. great damage to property is announced from Michigan, Norther Illinois, and Norther Indiana. Yesterday a tremendous gale prevailed on the southwest coast of England and Ireland.


Source: The Times